Dr. Jenise Parris

Jenise Parris, acupuncturist, herbalist, cupping, Gua Sha and micro needling master, provides the highest standard of care, while integrating body, mind and spirit in a patient centered, Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, that empowers patients through education to fully participate in achieving their optional health goals.


Gil Jacobs

Gil Jacobs, colon hydro-therapist and radical health practitioner guides his clients to a state of higher health, a pattern of eating and living that promotes deep cellular cleansing and gives way to whole body (and mind!) transformation.


Joanna Czech

Joanna Czech’s facial are a mixture of the most innovative technologies and timeless techniques, many of which she learned back in Poland. LED, Ultrasound, Microcurrents, Cryotherapy, Manual Massage and Manipulation of the Facial Muscles are incorporated into her customized treatments that are based on the condition of the skin, rather than a type.


Dr. Deepa

Dr. Gulrajani is a chiropractor, who is a passionate, altruistic doctor that wants to help each of her patients reach optimal health and meet their goals!


Sean Bartholomew

Sean Bartholomew created The Bartholomew Method, a holistic therapy approach, where he practices his own style of psycho-structural balancing, a transformational body-mind realignment.


Marina Baratashvili

Marina is a lymphatic body sculpting/shaping massage therapist. Her technique is designed to refine and improve body contours using preventative and remedial techniques. Tailored to address individual client needs, each massage is unique and can even treat post-pregnancy body issues.


Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams, a self titled medical medium and the originator of the celery juice movement. He is known for his New York Times Best Selling books Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods, Thyroid Healing, and Liver Rescue.


Elena Brower

Elena Brower is a yoga teacher and author. She offers classes and retreats globally. Her groundbreaking yoga workbook, Art of Attention has been translated into six languages and her second book, Practice You, is now a best seller being incorporated into teaching curriculums worldwide.


Sheila Kelly

S Factor is a feminine movement practice – a sensuous workout for body and soul that’s intelligently designed to open the female body into her full, free, erotic expression.