Upstate Woman

Natane Boudreau is not just meditating on a mountain.

By Janet Mercel

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Natane Boudreau started modeling for Calvin Klein when she was 3. As a teenager she walked his runways and became the designer’s main looks model. This is her story—in her own words.

By Laird Borrelli-Persson

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Domino Magazine

Actress and model Natane Boudreau infuses worldly, bohemian spirit into her light-filled Manhattan apartment.

By Caroline Biggs

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I first met Natane years ago when I was a stylist. We were working on the very first issue of Domino, shooting a story about moms and daughters and how their styles related.

By Cindy DiPrima

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With her dedication to following a path of conscious living, which led to her latest venture - Studio Boudreau, perhaps her most important journey so far - we have a valuable subject indeed!

By Kat Burki

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Live The Process

A glimpse at Studio Boudreau.

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