The Guide To Living Well

For the past 22 years, I’ve been searching all over the world for the highest quality products and services with which to improve ones overall quality of life, and to optimize human performance on every level: Mind, body, and spirit.

Some seek conscious living on the tails of a life altering experience, others out of curiosity or they are led to it through the urging of others. My entry was more of a glide. In fact, I’ve known no other way to live. Even in utero, I ate macrobiotic meals, mom and dad’s Buddhist chants vibrating into my psyche. I was blessed with parents who were pioneers in holistic and spiritual thinking, living and being. This wasn’t a trend for us, this was a way of life. And their devotion to higher living was rivaled only by their truly rarified pursuit of art, beauty and wit. The cultural trailblazers, the shapeshifters of the day, were our flock. Being raised in this vortex ignited in me a lifelong pursuit to amass a team of healers and heroes and a toolbox of products and practices that support me, inspire me and help me stay the course. The Guide is my lifetime’s curation of the best and brightest resources for mind, body and soul and it is my joy to share these treasures. Let The Guide shepherd you on your own path to well-being. Let consciousness and creativity ring.

Restorative Products

These are the goods I use to hack higher health, from beauty and books, to groceries, holistic pet care, bio tools and home goods. This is how I stay nourished and surrounded in light. I invite you to invest in yourself, and elevate.

Holistic Services

Here is my Rolodex of practices and experts for tuning the body, mind and spirit. These are the best in class, vetted by me, my inner circle. Ground yourself and thrive.

The Guide is available to all of The Lab’s One-to-One and Ensemble clients and is included in the series fee. One-to-One and Ensemble participants may access The Guide, and all of its updates, for life.

Natane’s Lab also offers a Bespoke Guide and Consultation that includes a 1-hour phone call and a custom curated list created by Natane of products and services that serve your specific needs. The Bespoke Guide and Consultation starts at $350 and includes lifetime access to Natane’s Guide.